Welcome to File Field’s World!

Thanks for your interest in Apwide File Field Jira App.

Learn how to turn your Jira instance into a powerful document-based workflow engine!

Get Started

  1. Install the latest version of Apwide File Field for free

  2. Create a new custom field of type Apwide File Field

  3. Enjoy! 😎

Notes for JIRA administrators

There is no required setup in order to use this app in your test or production environments:

  • All documents uploaded by “File Field" app are stored in the sub-folder "00_apwide_file_field_files" of the already existing "attachments" folder used to store standard Jira attachments

  • Size limit of files you can upload is the same as the one for standard JIRA attachments

  • File Field is compatible with all Jira automation apps: ScriptRunnerAutomation for JiraJSU, etc.


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